About Our Classes

Pre-bookings are required for all classes

Yoga suitable for all levels these classes progress through a range of techniques including postures and movement, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation.

Intermediate Yoga dive deeper into Yoga physically,mentally and energetically. Stronger practices are introduced along with different ways of using the breath to cultivate calm and composure under pressure. Subtler elements of Yoga, such as Mudras and Bandhas, are incorporated as well for a truly vitalising yet deeply tranquillising experience (not suitable for beginners)

Meditation – cultivate calm, clarity and creativity while activating the body's natural healing capacity. Different meditation techniques are applied across the sessions to help refine and deepen the meditative experience for total well being and optimal living

Beginners Pilates – learn the fundamentals of Pilates including transversus abdominus (TA) and pelvic floor activation, core stability and postural alignment.

Pilates– build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone by strengthening the core, lengthening the body and aligning the spine.

Power Pilates – faster paced Pilates class that flows through the exercises and focuses on strength and stability. Intermediate modifications given for more experienced clients (not suitable for beginners)

Pregnancy Pilates – safe and challenging class to maintain and improve muscle strength and endurance during pregnancy, develop pelvic floor awareness and release muscle tightness. Participants will learn mind body connection and awareness and how this relates to good posture. Classes incorporate use of props such as fitness ball, resistance bands, Pilates circle, foam rollers and trigger point balls.

Post Natal Pilates – specifically tailored for post natal clients returning to exercise and/or with pelvic floor & abdominal separation issues (babies welcome)

Rehab Hips & Knees– Led by a Physio & Pilates instructor, this class is tailored for clients rehabilitating from hip and knee injuries/surgery or managing arthritis non--surgically. Focus is on correct activation and control of muscles that stabilise the hip and knee, as well as building lower limb strength, pelvic/lumbar stability and core strength

Rehab Functional– Led by a Physio this is ideal for clients with injuries or imbalances. Exercises have a high functional focus and improve overall strength, coordination, balance & fitness. Uses a combination of body weight exercises & exercises with resistance bands & Swiss balls.

Stretch & Release – use trigger point balls and foam rollers to release tight fascia & muscles, increase flexibility and range of movement

PhyxMe Fitness – aimed at improving overall body strength, muscle tone and cardio fitness using a combination of body weight exercises, resistance bands and Swiss balls (moderate to high level of intensity, footwear required