About Our Classes

Pre-bookings are required for all classes

Yoga suitable for all levels (including beginners), these classes progress through a range of techniques including postures and movement, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation.

Beginners Yoga ideal for complete beginners to those in the early stages of learning, this class covers breathing, movement and posture, providing a gentler asana practice.

Intermediate Yoga for the more experienced yogi, classes work on a deeper physical and psychological level, introducing more challenging variations to extend your alignment, balance, flexibility, power, strength and stability (not suitable for beginners)

Rehab Yoga yoga-based class tailored for clients managing pain, chronic illness or rehabilitating from injury/surgery.

Meditation – be guided through the practices of meditation to achieve a quiet and peaceful mind.

Pilates– build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone by strengthening the core, lengthening the body and aligning the spine.

Beginners Pilates – learn the fundamentals of Pilates including transversus abdominus (TA) and pelvic floor activation, core stability and postural alignment.

Power Pilates – faster paced Pilates class that flows through the exercises and focuses on strength and stability.

Equipment Pilates – extend your practice using small equipment including Pilates circle, resistance bands, Swiss ball, chi ball and foam roller.

Rehab Pilates Pre/Post Natal – tailored for pre/post natal clients and clients rehabilitating from injury/surgery.

Rehab Hips & Knees– led by a physio and experienced instructor, this class is tailored for clients rehabilitating from hip and knee injuries/surgery or managing OA through non-surgical methods

Rehab Functional– led by a physio, this class focuses on function by addressing any ongoing injury niggles or imbalances and improves overall strength, coordination, balance & fitness

PhyxMe Fitness – aimed at improving overall body strength, muscle tone and cardio fitness (moderate level of intensity, footwear required)

Metafit – combines traditional body-weight exercises with high intensity internal training (HIIT) techniques to improve fitness and increase metabolism (footwear required, all levels catered for)

Rev Session– train on your own bike and build fitness, endurance and skill through a range of drills, programs and technique correction.