Running the classes are some of the most renowned and respected instructors in their field.

As a progressive practice dedicated to delivering excellent outcomes for clients, PhyxMe instructors regularly consult with our physiotherapists to discuss specific client cases and participate in monthly professional development workshops with our clinicians and therapists.

If you would like to join our instructing team, please get in contact.

Han Wee Tan

Han Wee Tan is a truly beautiful and soulful Yoga instructor. Having always had a keen interest in philosophy and the esoteric, Han trained with a Yoga Ashram for 2 years before living in that ashram for another two and a half years, developing himself individually and as a teacher. Yoga has become an important way of life for him, in all its aspects, which he hopes to be able to share through the wealth of Yogic practices to help uplift and bring wellbeing to others.


Ruth Dunne

PhyxMe is very blessed to have such a talented and dedicated Pilates instructor working for them.Ruth Dunne has a true love of teaching and is an amazing motivator. Her life revolves around fitness and exercise and if she isn’t doing Pilates you will find her either racing downhill on a mountain bike or snowboard! Ruth takes beginners, advanced and private one-on-one Pilates classes at PhyxMe Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation.

Margie Robertson

Margie Robertson has been teaching pilates for the past 4 years after having been in the surf industry for 20 years. A passion for pilates saw her reinvent herself and pursue a course a study in the fitness industry.

Margie also teaches aqua pilates & aqua bootcamp. She enjoys spearfishing & snorkelling, sailing, surfing, travelling, and for the past 13 years has been snowboarding in Japan. Margie enjoys keeping active & fit & encouraging others to ” live the life you love, love the life you live”.

Leah King

It took many sports, more injuries, and two children for Leah to discover Pilates. And like most Pilates converts, she wishes it had happened in the reverse order. Leah’s classes are based on the classical Pilates method, but offer much diversity through modifications using small equipment, and plenty of enthusiasm! If you are looking for variation and to extend your mat Pilates repertoire, then make your Thursday afternoon's a PhyxTure at PhyxMe.

Jennie Thomson

Jennie has an extensive background in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years in the Cairns area. She trained in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Cairns to become an all round Fitness & Pilates Instructor. Jennie has been teaching Pilates for the past 11 years. Initially she worked with Ruth Dunne at the Cairns Pilates Studio then moved to the Tablelands where she opened the Speewah Pilates Studio which ran for 7 years incorporating Pilates Floor, Ball, Band, Foam Roller and Circle classes. She also ran a Personal Training Gym at the Speewah premises before it was sold. Jennie now lives in Cairns teaching Pilates based on the Menezes Method. She is a qualified pregnancy instructor and recognised with the Pilates Institute of Australasia, Pilates Queensland and is a registered Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia.

Estelle Newstead

Estelle is a passionate Physiotherapist and yoga teacher who loves to blend the science of physiotherapy with the art of yoga to help people achieve their functional goals, from walking up steps pain-free to running a marathon. Originally from the Apple Isle (Tassie), Estelle spent 5 years in Western Australia working in private practice, triaging musculoskeletal patients in GP clinics, as well as residential aged care.

When teaching yoga, Estelle loves to guide her clients through functional energizing movement and reflective meditation, to finish their practice feeling strong, peaceful, and most importantly, confident and joyful in movement.

Estelle has special interests in functional yoga therapy for injury management and prevention, pre and post natal, teenagers, chronic pain as well as mindfulness and meditation and it’s application to complex chronic pain conditions.

Dagmar Hirsch

Dagmar Hirsch is our highly experienced yoga instructor at PhyxMe’s new clinic. Born in Noerdlingen, Germany, Dagmar moved to Trinity Beachin Cairns in 2007. Dagmar is married and has 2 children. She commenced her Yoga teaching in 1997 working with pregnant women.

Dagmar completed 670 hours of Hatha Yoga Training in 2004 with the Sebastian Kneipp Academy, Germany. In 2005 she met Kalij the founder of Tri Yoga Flow and is now qualified in level 1, 2 and 3 of Tri Yoga Flow. From 2004 till 2007, Dagmar taught over 1000 classes in Germany at the Yoga School in Noerdlingen. In Australia, she has taught over 2000 hours in her own Yoga Academy. Every week Dagmar teaches group and private classes. She also conducts weekend workshops, retreats in Bali and Teacher Training. For Dagmar, Yoga is not just on the mat, it is an integral part of her life and she practices her own Yoga every morning. She is also a Registered Midwife and Reflexologist.