Cairns Saints AFNC

Cairns Saints Australian Football Club Incorporated was founded by Paul Clarke and Bruce Gonsalves in 1993. They also joined the AFL Cairns competition in the same year. They had a great season, competing in the Grand Final, after the Westcourt Demons reserves side joined the team. Since then, the team has won 10 premierships. They have had 3 3-peats, in the 1994-1996 seasons, as well as the 1998-2000 seasons and the 2008-2010 seasons! In 2012, our club took out the Senior Premiership, the Reserves Premiership and the Under 14s Premiership.

Cairns Northern Beaches Rugby Union

The mighty Mudcrabs are a new club to the FNQ Rugby competition in 2014 with a focus on the footy and the beaches from Machans to Palm Cove. Our players will be committed, driven, fearless and proud of the jersey. The club is family friendly, providing an important social engagement for players and their families. With a strong playing group and a committed Head Coach, the Mudcrabs intend to be a force in FNQ Rugby for many years to come!

Manunda Hawks AFC – Men's and Womens Team

In 1983, Norm Miller along with Lou Iordanis, Geoff Burke, Gary Stevens and Lewis Collier held the first meeting to initiate the forming of a football club at the local Corner Store owned by Norm at the corner of Hoare and English Streets, Manunda, Cairns in Far North Queensland. The meeting decided to pursue the concept and at a subsequent meeting late in 1983 along with Burke, Iordanis and Collier, a Football Club was initially born. The team name originated from the fact that they were meeting in Manunda and the Hawks came from the fact that both Norm and Lewis were both fanatical Hawthorn supporters.

North Cairns Tigers

The North Cairns Australian Football Club was founded in 1955 however in the year 1965 after tireless volunteers cleared the surrounding bushland, the club moved to its present playing fields on the corner of Behan and MacNamara Streets Manunda, Cairns.

The Club has a large player membership of around 280 players from Senior grade through to Juniors including the Masters and Women’s teams. The Committee and Social Members combined make approximately 210. During the season the Club hosts 9 Senior games and several more Junior competition games as well as the Masters and Women’s competition.

Pace Project

Pace Project is a running group based in Cairns for children aged 10 to 18 who are at least of Regional Standard. The main aim is to promote running and bring the athletes to the highest level possible under the watchful eye of 2 time Olympian Jill Boltz

Pace Project website

Will Swim and Tri

Will Swim and Tri Coaching is the premier triathlon coaching and masters swim program in regional Queensland. We are the only program who has a team of qualified coaches and specialists catering for all your needs. With athletes racing at all levels from enticers and junior events through to World Championships in both IRONMAN and ITU Events. We can cater for all your needs.

Total Fitness Management

At Total Fitness Management (TFM) we believe that it is crucial that you find the right training program to suit your individual goals, which will change from time to time. With this in mind, we are proud to offer services to cover most key areas of Health & Fitness, from One-on-One Private Sessions to Group Personal Training. Our Studio is conveniently located at 146 Mcleod St close to the City.

Health Unlimited

Our mission at Health Unlimited is to create a healthier lifestyle for people. To help change their attitudes to eating and exercise, to help people enter their 40’s and beyond, with an active healthy body and mind. To make sure children grow using their muscles and bodies correctly. At Health Unlimited we cater to all age groups from children to elderly; delivering great customer service 100% of the time.

Health Unlimited wants to make a difference, to change the downward spiral of lifestyle diseases, to a happy, healthy, energetic way of life. We believe we have the facility to help people make these changes, the knowledge and the skill, with genuine warmth and compassion for all people of all walks of life. We can make a difference, one person at a time.

Fusion Fight and Fitness

Fusion Fight and Fitness (FFF) is Cairns Premier Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Strength & Conditioning facility. It boasts a spacious training area, decked out with premium martial arts matting in a comfortable, ego-free environment. The fitness equipment we use is unique and uncommon in most commercial gyms. Our highly skilled trainers utilise this exciting equipment and guarantee to deliver you results.

Fusion provides clients with comprehensive Martial Arts, Fitness and Health Programs.  Our highly sort after coaches offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ, Cairns only Black Belt), Submission Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Takedowns and Strength and Conditioning.

Cairns Personal Trainers

Personal Training- Cairns Personal Trainers offers training in a small studio setting that is friendly and not intimidating. We focus on your goals by applying tailor- made functional training exercises combined with nutritional advice.

Buddy System- We have a buddy system designed so that you can share a session with a friend or two enabling them to help motivate you. This system keeps you and your friends accountable. Whether you choose to train on your own or bring a friend or family member, the base price remains the same.

Group Sessions- Come and join in our broad range of small group sessions. Our class sizes are limited, this enables us to focus on correct techniques so that everyone gets the most out of their workout. We offer everything from Yoga/Pilates to Boxing/Bootcamp.

House Call Doctor

A Queensland-owned and managed business, House Call Doctor offers after hours treatment to patients in their own home. Services are bulk billed for all Medicare and DVA card holders. PhyxMe is proudly part of the House Call Doctor Local Access program.