Orthotic Prescription, Braces, Compression Garments and Supportive Footwear:


If you need extra arch support, have achilles problems, sore heals or knee/hip/back problems, PhyxMes physiotherapists can fit you with the correct orthotic to assist. Specially heat-moulded to your foot, these orthotics along with gait assessment and footwear advice can reduce your pain in no time.


PhyxMe stocks a range of braces for all your musculoskeletal needs: low back, maternity, knee, wrist, tennis elbow & thumbs. They also sell walking boots at very reduced rates and hire crutches/walking sticks.

Supportive Footwear:

PhyxMe stocks Orthaheel and School thongs, slippers, shoes and sandals, this range has in built arch, deep heel cup, 1st ray plantarflexion technology and a 30 day money back guarantee amongst other outstanding features.

Compression Garments:

These products combine the benefits of medical grade support with the power of graduated compression in one thin, light, confortable sleeve that relieves pain and improves mobility for millions of people.